The Green Pool

The project sets a swimming pool level with the current grounds, aligning it with the location of the home’s living room, dividing the garden space into two main areas. On the left, a large area seen as a seasonal garden and a smaller area to the east of the swimming pool, more private and sheltered, to enjoy the pool, rest and where the shower is located. The client had expressed an interest in an overflow effect or what is referred to as an “infinity edge” pool. Given this premise in the design, the whole perimeter of the pool is walkable, with the perimeter level with the garden finished with green granite flagstones while, in the elevated areas, the platform is covered with a wooden decking. The elevated area is ideal as a sun deck due to its orientation and visuals over the whole garden, set out with exterior furnishings for the whole family’s enjoyment. The selection of dark tones for the materials and its original design create a light, fresh and relaxing space that sets a timeless scene during the colder months. In a nod to high-end luxury pools, there is a small cascading fountain whose constant trickling gives the whole setting a pleasant Zen-like feeling.