Secret House

This site is constricted by its limitations of having only one street facing façade, and by its close proximity to the neighbors. The buildings’ exterior is contrary to its interior; where the facade is subtle and designed to blend in with its surroundings evoking minimal attention, whilst the focus is on the interior, completely stripping down private barriers and revealing the inner confines of the house. This attenuated yet expansive nature of the house is a reflection of the clients’ character. The sequence of entrance starts from the ramp that opens up into the raised central courtyard garden to maximize privacy from the busy street, where the interior program is distributed enabling expansion and flow outwards with ease.  In this way, transparency can be achieved in both plan and section where views are permitted across from one end of the site to the other and through multiple levels without having any street exposure. Intimacy is not only experienced on the raised ground level; on the second floor a huge covered terrace is revealed on the main facade, elevated to allow you to enjoy the sea views whilst protected by shade, and surrounded by lush vegetation.