Ribbon House

The design of this villa is driven by the wish to create a great contemporary family house using modern, coherent, and sophisticated language, with the highest standards. Uniquely, the house is composed of three different houses for three families. So, the resulting design is a large villa with three luxury floors, which all together form a cube.

The monolithic appearance of the cube is broken towards the exterior by means of elegant vertical lines drawn on the façade. The materials—a stone plinth reflecting strength and stability and extruded, textured ceramics for the upper floors—give this villa its unique image and emphasise the highest quality of all the finishes.

Each of the houses is divided by a central axis that separates the day and night areas. They are both lit through two patios, offering plentiful natural lighting. These patios allow the house to be organised in such a way that it achieves both the ideal maximum privacy as well as radiant spaces. Different terraces extend each apartment towards the exterior.

The ground floor serves the three families and contains an huge diwaniya to receive and entertain a large number of guests, and it is completely surrounded by a relaxing gardened courtyard. Access to the villa is through this magnificent exterior space. The rooftop, with an open-air living room and another covered space, allows the three families to enjoy the refreshing evenings together.