Prague Emergency Medical Centre

The proposal for the new headquarters of the Prague Medical Emergency Centre in Prague evolves around two distinct volumes. One volume is designed on a human scale, embracing the atrium and serving as a plinth for the larger scale volume floating above the first, which houses the entire office programme.

The concept of creating a human-scale atrium as the focal point for all public programmes is a way of seeking a shared centre. This can be achieved by designing the atrium with a scale that is welcoming and accessible to people, including elements such as natural light, greenery, comfortable seating and a variety of programmatic elements that encourage community interaction and gathering. The design aims to create a sense of place and foster a sense of community, making it a destination for users and visitors alike.

Work is one of the keys to connecting people and contributing to a better world. By increasing productivity, creativity and human connectivity, we have the capacity to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges. Our proposal visualises possible scenarios that involve all stakeholders in materialising the architecture of the future headquarters of the Prague Medical Emergency Centre as a collaborative environment.

The project is adjusted to the new needs of workers: spaces not only to work in, but also to live in. Far from conventional office systems, we imagine from traditional groupings of desks for static workstations to flexible modules such as high desks or poufs, which allow informal models for more casual work. They are also equipped with services and amenities for workers who spend the day in the office: work areas are intermingled with leisure and rest areas to make both functions compatible.