Kuwait Grand Resort

The Kuwait Grand Resort is an exclusive waterfront resort in south Kuwait. Strategically located, each of its spaces opens up its views to the port, offering a unique and full experience of the mall and sports marina.

On arrival, the guests have direct access by car via a ramp leading to a piazza four metres above the street. This is the access level, housing an impressive range of services, gardens and pools, at a privileged height above the sea horizon.

Using traditional arched elements, modernised with contemporary language, the façade has a unique character and connects visually the different programmes. Palms and other trees are interspersed between the archways, creating a paradise. The Islamic-inspired gardens serve as a place for contemplation and pleasure. They satisfy the five senses with the colours of the flowers, the intense seasonal fragrances, the cool temperatures under the tree canopy, the fresh flavours of the fruits, and the trickling sounds of water.

Water, as a symbol of life and purity, is present in different forms: pools, canals, fountains, and jets, creating a unique soundscape. The sea appears in front of the swimming pools, cut out by the boat sails and leaves of the trees.

Over this access floor, which connects to the street though its terraced, gardened topography, rise three towers. Their glass façades provide a direct relationship between the guest rooms and the sea. They have a living room, a private terrace, and luxury finishes. The L-shaped tower and the top floors of the other two towers are home to exclusive suites, of up to 300 square metres, which also boast large terrace spaces with views over the sea in a more secluded environment.

The design is driven by the aim to create a space using modern architectural language combined with the traces of recognisable historical heritage. The sense of the place is emphasised through an intimate relationship with the sea and gardens. The resort, along with the mall and marina, provides the opportunity to enjoy the most exclusive, luxury services, surrounded by vegetation and the sea, in a relaxing, intimate environment.