5 Gems

A condominium of five villas of approximately 350 square metres each, spread over five plots on very steep slopes, located near the Santa María Golf Club in Marbella. Its market launch will be as two parts: one being one house on an separate plot, and the other being the other four houses on four adjoining plots, with joint use of the open spaces in each plot, a common green area for the use and enjoyment of the four villas. Given the slope of the plots, the villas are terraced in order to control the settling of each space, veranda, and garden on the slope, organised so as to open up to the views of the sea and the nearby golf course, without blocking each other’s views. While the bedrooms and spaces of intimacy are on the top floors so open up to the distant views, the more social, living areas are on the ground and lower floors, slightly below ground level to hide from close gazes, yet always in contact with the natural terrain, allowing the greenery to enter the living spaces.