15′ City Complex

This mixed development is in a prime seafront location in the centre of Kuwait, including a hotel, housing, offices, and commercial spaces. Its unitary image stands out with the vertical louvres covered in vegetation, a materialisation of the project’s sustainable approach. The building is designed around a framework of wellbeing, efficiency, and energy- and cost-saving criteria that characterise green building certifications such as LEED.

The 15′ City Complex works as a small city, providing all the usual everyday urban services inside. In this “15-minute city” urban model, a contemporary interpretation of the “neighbourhood units” developed by the North American urban planner Clarence Perry in the 1920s, the residents have access to everything they need within a 15-minute distance on foot, by bike or public transport. This shapes multi-purpose neighbourhoods, reducing the need for unnecessary displacements, reinforcing the sense of community and improving sustainability and inhabitability. From this urban model, the 15′ City Complex makes it possible to inhabit a contemporary city and enjoy a high quality of life, living sustainably and more pleasantly.

In order to bolster its connectivity to the urban fabric and the sea, and to encourage the enjoyment of public space, the ground floor offers a gardened square for the city. This is where the access to the building’s different programmes are found, although they still have a degree of privacy. The gardens, restaurants and terraces, and the play between sun and shade provide connection with the greenery and make this urban space a highly enjoyable experience.

On the first and second floors is where the retail centre is found, enjoying natural lighting and crossed views over courtyards that foster a more relaxed shopping experience. It offers basic everyday products as well as other specialised purchases. The third and fourth floor house the sports centre, surrounded by gardens that create an great environment to practice sports. Guests and residents can swim and relax overlooking the sea from swimming pools at different heights.

Three towers home to office space, housing, and a hotel, respectively. The housing is terraced and boasts luxury finishes. The hotel has suites, ample rooms, and serviced apartments, as well as views to the sea from all its areas. The project is serviced with a number of facilities, such as a library or a sky lobby with spaces opening up to the privileged views. This mixed programme provides access to all the necessary everyday services without leaving the 15′ City Complex.