123 Swimming Pool

123 Pool is a landscape and interior design project by AGi architects. Located on a rectangular plot of 1,815 m2 -where an 80s single-family house is already built- the intervention replaces the old pool by adding a large seating and living area that integrates both the garden and the house, and develops a program adapted to the existing topography. The property is framed in a consolidated urban tissue of residential type. The proposed design aims to create a fresh and lighted pool space, open to the garden, which invites its residents to participate in both the surrounding areas of the pool and the shaded area of the grove on the property. Therefore, the team has selected the use of wooden decks that generate the transition between the pool and the existing garden. As a consequence, a connection between the swimming pool and the green shaded area is created, taking advantage of relaxation and leisure corners previously underused. The wooden area outlining the pool has permanent living spaces, including benches and fixed pool chairs that build up the aquatic solarium or beach. Opposite to this aforementioned beach, the infinity pool brings coolness to the whole and contributes to create a relaxing ambience.

Programmatically, there are two different functional parts in the pool. On one hand, the volume that is formed by the pool shell and the permanent living spaces; on the other, the transition platforms to the garden that “fly” over the ground, creating an outdoor dining area that is also protected from excessive sun exposure during the summer. In a simple way, the pool can be said to be composed of the main tank and a shallow area that
serves as an aquatic solarium or beach. Within the main shell there is a division of three levels of depth, with organic shapes that invite the whole family to enjoy the space and escape from stress. AGi architects’ design includes the following areas: – Access to solarium. – Solarium with seasonal deck and wooden benches. – Resting platforms. – Transition area between the house and the pool. – Technical room for water treatment.