Sama’a Wafra

Our vision for the new Wafra Tower – Sama’a Wafra – is creating a well-designed place where people want to live, where the focus is the comfort of the residents. A well-designed building that capitalizes on an extremely unique site in Kuwait and allows maximum connectivity.

The first goal in the design strategy is how to approach the plot’s potentials in order to model the essential character of the building and a natural ambiance; the Genius Loci, in order to enhance the qualities of a place for living. These qualities include how to build a sense of place, of belonging, how to address the human scale, the sequence of spaces, creating a pleasant microclimate, filtering light, efficient cross ventilation, and being surrounded by natural sea views.

Comfort is achieved by creating a sustainable well-connected dwelling within the city, a flexible configuration of program with shared amenities, well-designed accessibility with undisturbed circulation, efficient use of natural light, public and private safety, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle and flexibility in configuration that allows the client to adapt the apartments to changing market needs.



The ground floor of Sama’a Wafra is The ground floor of Sama’a Wafra is carefully planned to cater to the multiple circulation in and around the project all while integrating natural light and landscape. The users will experience landscaped frontages upon entry from the front and the back. Carefully planned foot paths along the side of the building with lush landscape in order to fulfill the project’s promise of connecting the city to the sea.

The mezzanine floor of the podium contains is divided into two sections: common areas and parking. Common areas include the communal outdoor and indoor spaces, including a multi-purpose room, family spaces and recreational facilities. Public landscaped gardens are accessible from the diwaniya spaces. The articulation of the façade begins on the level, as beams jut out above the ground level to articulate the entrances and shade the ground floor.

The Garden Living units begin on the fourth level. Here, internal and external facilities are enveloped by lush gardens and receive natural sunlight for tenants of the Garden Living. Public amenities such as a diwaniya, gym, pool and changing rooms are located on this level are accessible through carefully hardscaped pathways.

The Eighth level is the last level of the podium, where the terraced roof of the Garden Living meets the public Level of the Sky Apartments.

There is a play in levels with the external gardens and terraces creating pockets for sitting, exercising and children to play.

The Sky Living pool is a series of pools that are connected by a water feature for multiple ages and uses: including lap pool, kids and adult pools. A gym and changing rooms are also available to ensure tenant comfort on this level.

All Sky Living units have a private access from the elevator to the apartment and sea views .