Kidney Transplant Center S. J. Al Marzouq

We understood the complexity of this building in terms of separation between public and medical spaces. We decided to take this condition as a starting point and organize the building horizontally and vertically in a way to reinforce it.
The ground floor becomes the origin of the two flows, which from opposite directions colonize the building, generating a functional stratification from the most public uses to the most private ones for each floor. The experience for patients and visitors begins entering the hospital from a compressed space on the exterior parking side and discovering little by little the big public space inside it, without knowing exactly its limits.

The “plaza”, enclosed in-between glass curtain walls, hasn’t been only conceived as the main lobby for the hospital but it represents for patients and families the social activity space missing outside, due to the extreme Kuwait weather. From ground floor to second floor, the regular volume has been cut to show the connection of this interior public space with the outside, taking advantage of the natural light and views. The upper volume, which is allocating the most private medical program as the surgical suite on the fourth floor and the inpatient units on the fifth floor, is intentionally separated from the base, using a technical floor, to indicate the change in the program also from the exterior. We made the decision of moving all inpatient units up to last floor to create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The internal courtyards with greenery have the double function of taking natural light inside the corridors space and organizing it in order to create fluid circulations, avoiding the straight and boring corridors of the hospital typology. The Arabic geometric metal mesh is the joining element, which sew together all the transparent parts of the building giving sun protection and privacy to all medical spaces.