Clay Villa

Clay Villa is a large house that provides all the spaces necessary for a life of great comfort. The concepts that guide the design combine minimalist lines with warm, contemporary materials, and interconnected spaces with the arrangement of required privacy.

The exterior façade is made from a special format, hand-made, narrow mud brick, which gives the villa a warm, understated, and elegant feel. The house volume is drawn with the lines marked by the ceramic elements. The windows, protected by latticework using the geometry the house is based on, make the building pulse with elegance.

In the interior, a grand sculptural staircase organises and connects the different floors. All the communications of the house end in the terrace. The rooms open up indirectly to the exterior, if not directly onto a terrace or patio. Along with the use of multiple latticework, the design provides the home with an elevated intimacy, while also offering a bright luminosity as well as many spaces in which to enjoy the exterior.

The ground floor is home to a garden and a number of patios and courtyards that connect all the spaces on this level. The garden is protected from the outside, and the main spaces of the house open up to it. The garden enjoys an afternoon orientation. As a counterpart, on the rooftop, there is an huge terrace that acts as a large living room for the whole family. On the basement level, lit through a number of patios, a large garage and a gym complete the spaces in this villa. The views from and across the staircase, always soaked in light and surrounded by vegetation, give the villa a brimming feeling of serenity and sophistication.